Offline Speech + IoT Solution Offline speech recognition and control with cloud
support for app control and scenario automation.
  • Easy Device Setup Simple and fast network configuration, with support for over the air updates.

  • Multiple Protocol Support Compatible with standard IEEE 802.11 b/g/n and BLE 5.1 communication protocols.

  • Compatibility with Multiple IoT Platforms Can integrate with Tencent IoT, Tuya IoT, Alibaba IoT, and other platforms.

  • Multiple Control Options Supports offline voice control, Applet/app control, and scenario automation.

Intelligent home appliances

Let intelligence fill every corner of your home.

Air conditioner Washing machine Refrigerator Range hood Sterilizer cabinet Dishwasher Water heater Coffee machine Juicer Microwave oven Rice cooker Toilet Bathroom heater Air fryer Door lock Heated table Motorized curtains Sofa Bed Clothes dryer Switch socket Panel Heater Air purifier Humidifier Water purifier Water dispenser Tea machine Dehumidifier Telephone Fan Vacuum cleaner Electric mop Mite remover Floor scrubber Beauty device Massage chair Garment steamer Clothes dryer Treadmill Television
Intelligent lighting

With a command, it lights up instantly.

Ceiling light Pendant light Pendant light Desk lamp Downlight Bulb Control switch Spotlight Garden light Decorative light LED light Floor lamp Night light Light strip Fan light Mirror light
Intelligent car

In car speech control, creating a safer and more convenient

Dashcam Car charger Navigation system Car Bluetooth Car refrigerator Car seat Child safety seat Car phone Car phone
Intelligent education

Making learning and entertainment more efficient.

Keyboard Globe Study lamp Reading pen Projector headphones Gaming console Robot Intelligent speaker Storybook player Educational toys

Speech AIoT Module

Module datasheet

Speech AIoT Module

Module datasheet

Speech BLE Module

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