Chipintelli Leading enterprise in the intelligent speech chip industry
Chipintelli Technology Co., Ltd.

Chipintelli was founded in November 2015 and registered in Chengdu High-tech Zone. As a leading speech solution provider, Chipintelli integrates AI speech chips, speech algorithms, application solutions, and development platforms. It is committed to delivering more natural, intuitive, and intelligent human-machine interaction experiences, making "AI+" products pervasive. 

 Since its inception, Chipintelli has launched a comprehensive range of 14 intelligent voice chips, encompassing offline AI speech chips, AI speech Wi-Fi Combo chips, and AI speech Bluetooth chips, establishing a diverse portfolio of chip products. The first-generation CI1006 chip pioneered the industry, while the second-generation CI110 series chips achieved international recognition. Furthermore, the third-generation CI13 series chips has been deployed in millions of devices annually. Chipintelli's chip products find extensive applications in smart home appliances, elderly care, wearable devices, healthcare, hospitality, security, education, automotive, and robotics domains, serving over 5,000 customers.

Moving forward, Chipintelli will continue to deepen its expertise in AI speech chip technology while driving continuous technological innovation. The company aims to facilitate the commercial adoption of AI speech interaction technology across various application scenarios, effectively contributing to national AI strategies and the advancement of the "AI+" industry.


Leading enterprise in the intelligent speech chip industry


Introduced the Brain Neural Processing Unit (BNPU) for the first time. 

Released the world's first AI speech chip.


AI speech chips entered the supply system of home appliance giant Midea. 

Supported English speech recognition.


Released the 1.5th generation AI speech chip with unchanged performance and a 30% cost reduction.


Launched the cost-effective 2nd generation AI speech chip (equipped with BNPU V2). 

Online launch of the speech AI Development Platform.


Released the 2.5th generation AI speech chip with lower costs. 

Supported speech recognition for languages like Japanese.


Made breakthroughs in offline NLP algorithms. 

Achieved breakthroughs in deep speech separation algorithms.


Mass production of the 3rd generation AI speech chip and AI speech Wi-Fi Combo chip (equipped with BNPU V3), reaching new levels of algorithmic performance.


Matured AIoT solutions. 

Introduced the AI speech Ble chip CI2312. 

Introduced the speech MCU chip CI132X.


Received 50+ industry awards

· National High-tech Enterprise

· Chengdu Hi-tech Zone Gazelle Enterprise

· Chinese Offline Speech Group Standard Drafting Certificate

· China AI Innovation Award

· Chengdu Intellectual Property Advantage Unit

· Chengdu Top 100 Key Cultivation Enterprises in New Economy

· Most Promising Entrepreneurship by Overseas Students

· AI Productivity Innovation Award

· AWE Smart Innovation Award

· KPMG X-Tech Top 50 Emerging Enterprise

He Yunpeng Founder & CEO

Bachelor's degree in Microelectronics from UESTC, Master's degree in Semiconductor Physics from CAS, Master's degree in Electronic Engineering from NUS.

With a career spanning over 20 years in the chip development industry, Mr. He Yunpeng entered the field in 2001. After completing his studies in Singapore and returning to China, he led teams to achieve large-scale production and application of multiple chips, breaking long-term foreign monopolies. In late 2015, he founded Chengdu Chipintelli Technology Co., Ltd., leading the team to develop the Brain Neural Processing Unit (BNPU) and releasing artificial intelligence speech chips and solutions for various application domains. This established Chipintelli as a leading enterprise in the field of AI speech chips.

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