Reliable and Hassle-free! Chipintelli's Tyron III Smart Speech Solution for Heaters, Making Warmth Smarter 2023-07-07

With the rapid development of the smart home industry, smart speech technology has become a hot pursuit among appliance manufacturers. As an indispensable appliance in household life, heaters have also embraced the wave of smartification. The application of smart speech technology has brought unprecedented convenience, efficiency, and comfort to heaters' control experience.

If you are looking for a smart speech solution for heaters, Chipintelli, undoubtedly, is the best choice!


01 Hassle-free

Worry-free development, implementation, and after-sales support

Preferred partner for major manufacturers, supported by a vast number of application cases

Chipintelli has served over 300 solution providers and 5,000 customers, accumulating more than 300 solutions in various fields, covering every corner of home living. In the heater industry, Chipintelli has established partnerships with hundreds of customers and successfully enabled mass production and market launch of smart speech heater products for dozens of brands.


Successful cases in the heater field

One-stop development environment, reducing development barriers, enabling quick mass production

Chipintelli has built a complete "speech chip, speech algorithm, application solution, development platform" ecosystem, providing customers with a full-stack Turnkey service. Chipintelli's speech AI platform enables low-code or no-code development and offers domain-standard solutions, significantly shortening product development cycles and delivering a one-stop speech interaction solution to customers.


Chipintelli speech AI Platform

Comprehensive algorithms, multilingual support, targeted optimization and iteration

Chipintelli provides multilingual support, including Chinese (Mandarin, dialects), English, Japanese, Korean, and other languages. Furthermore, the company conducts iterative optimizations based on specific command words provided by customers to ensure ideal language models and improve speech recognition accuracy.

Fast response and continuous support from FAE (Field Application Engineer)

Chipintelli values the construction of its FAE team, equipped with extensive experience and skills in speech solution development. The team can handle various technical issues and challenges, providing efficient solutions and rapidly responding to customer needs and inquiries.

Currently, Chipintelli's FAE team has established localized technical support teams in multiple regions and will continue to expand based on market conditions to better serve global customers. In addition to regular technical support and after-sales services, the FAE team also assists customers with product definition and discusses differentiated features based on past product development experiences, offering the best solutions to customers.



02 Heater Smart speech Solution

Mature solution with high cost-effectiveness

Chipintelli recommends using their third-generation speech AI chip, CI130X series, for smart speech solutions in heaters. With only a few peripheral components such as resistors and capacitors, this solution provides excellent cost-effectiveness for developing offline intelligent speech capability in heaters.


Heater Smart speech Solution Block Diagram

This series of chips supports up to 500 offline command phrases with strong generalization ability, covering most common expressions in daily life. Users can directly control the heater's power switch, mode adjustment, temperature/humidity regulation, heat levels, screen display, and more through speech commands, truly freeing their hands and enhancing the user experience.


03 Reliable

Industrial-grade chips and innovative algorithms for a reliable user experience

Self-developed industrial-grade chips ensuring quality

As one of the rare industrial-grade speech AI chip manufacturers focused on the consumer industry, Chipintelli's entire chip lineup undergoes rigorous testing, including ESD, high humidity/low temperature/high temperature, Reach, RoHS, FCC, etc., ensuring more reliable performance and higher security for customers. Moreover, all Chipintelli chips are self-developed, allowing better control of supply cycles and delivery times, reducing risks associated with material shortages or delayed delivery. Additionally, they can be produced in large quantities according to customer needs, increasing chip production flexibility and responsiveness.

After 7 years of continuous development and six iterations, Chipintelli has launched over ten models of offline speech AI chips, speech AIoT chips, and speech Bluetooth chips, providing diversified and personalized solutions to meet the requirements of different fields and application scenarios, creating more possibilities for smart home appliances, intelligent automotive systems, intelligent toys, and other devices. Innovative algorithms for stronger noise resistance and higher recognition accuracy

Chipintelli has a top-notch speech algorithm team that excels in advanced technologies such as speech signal processing, speech recognition, speaker recognition, sound source localization, and speech synthesis. They have also pioneered four core technologies in the industry, including dual-microphone deep speech separation, on-device NLP (Natural Language Processing), single-microphone deep learning noise reduction, and dialect self-learning technology. These technologies significantly improve the accuracy and naturalness of speech recognition, achieving recognition rates of over 97% in normal household environments.

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