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Product profile

The chip is designed based on ASIC architecture for automatic speech recognition application. Embedded with Chipintelli's Brain Network Processing Unit(BNPU), CI1006 can perfectly support  the parallel computing of  the general-structure DNN  with very high efficiency and quite low power-consumption. So it is quite suitable to the local speech processing and recognition  by the means of deep learning for the intelligent end-products. 

CI1006  has built-in MCU kernel and the general  I/O interfaces for control and communication, which can support the various solutions of many kinds of intelligent end-products. So it can be  widely applied to intelligent household electrical appliances, robots, intelligent toys, and many other products. It supports the large vocabulary local ASR, and it overcomes the low response, low security and even breakdown issues due to the latency, jam, drop-line of network if only via the cloud computing.

14 meters high working truck

Application Scope
  • Intelligent Lamps
  • Intelligent Home Appliances
  • Intelligent Robots
  • Intelligent Toys
  • Automotive Electronics